"On both sides of the camera,

we are all children!"

Steven Spielberg, 2016

As a photographer and director, Anne-Charlotte shows a unique artistic vision around narrative, choreographical and cinematic themes with a humor and nostalgic shift.

Born in the north of France, her interest in photography began through family shared passion for cinema from Sergio Leone to Wim Wenders and books. Storytelling is a long family story and read aloud a tradition. 

As a creative and dynamic person, she practiced contemporary dance for more than 20 years, dancing for local companies before moving to Paris. She still dances for choreographers such as Olivier Dubois or (La) Horde for La Nuit Blanche, Jose Montalvo in Chaillot or with Herve Sikha. 

After a five-year Master Honors Degree in Art Direction at ESAG Penninghen and a two-year Diploma in Photography at Les Gobelins in Paris, she had the opportunity to work for Rankin in London for its Rankin Live exhibition in 2010. 


Upon graduation in 2010, she worked as a full time art director for a film production company before moving as a freelance photographic assistant for Sophie Delaporte. At the age of 29,  she was finalist at Prix Picto in Paris for her Hopper's tribute series, and exhibited at Les Rencontres d'Arles and Aix-en Provence the same year. 

At the same period, with her partner in crime, she created a renowned series called ©Where is Wally. Their duo is known as max&charlotte. This series was exhibited worldwide from Paris, Copenhagen, Shanghaï, Amsterdam to Cape Town and globally published in magazines such as Le Monde, Polka, ... seen at Canal+ and heard in France Info. The duo is still working on big staged pictures. 

Since 2019, she has concentrated her photography around more personal projects mixing fashion standards to documentary and portraits. One the other hand, she now lives her first passion for film by being a nominated and selected director with her first personal movie Early Bird. She works for brands such as Eres or Lancôme and she is newly represented by a Moonwalk-films in France. 

In this period of Covid, Anne-Charlotte is actually taking her time to work on several projects : her next short-film, a book of a personal series and more to come.


Early Bird

10 official selections

6 nominations

2020 : Amsterdam Fashion Film FestivalLondon Fashion Film Festival 2020Bokeh Fashion Film Festival ( South Africa)La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival ( San Diego)Venice shorts Festival ( L.A)International New-York Film Festival (Best Woman Filmmaker & Best short-film)Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival ( Best short-film)


2019 : Los Angeles Cinefashion Film Awards (Best cinematography), Paris ASVOFF 11th edition   

(Best fashion film)Istanbul Fashion film festival

(Best fashion film)


Opening of Festival Cinémonde, 2019


Lancôme, Eres, Cartier, Le Bon Marché, Kaporal, Publicis 133, Okan Bijoux, Prodigious Factory, l'Oréal, Herbert frère-soeur, Moore Design, Fauve Paris, Antoinette Poisson 


Fisheye magazine, Duel magazine, 

Schön magazine, Design Scene magazine, Jute

magazineThe Impression, Elle, Flaunt, Photovogue,

Stella mag, Grazia, l'Optimum, Sport&Style, Paulette, 

Doux magazine, Blanc magazine, Stylist, Glamour, 

Madame Figaro, Financial times


2012 - Prix Picto ( finalist)


2004 - SAID - Carroussel du Louvre 

2005 - Diplôme, ESAG Pennignhen

2011 - Les Gobelins, Les rencontres d'Arles

2012 - Festival Alain Godon, Palais de l'Europe, Le Touquet

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 all rights reserved

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