"On both sides of the camera,

we are all children!"

Steven Spielberg, 2016

A foot between two shores

A mischievous observer of everyday life, Anne-Charlotte is a French photographer and director.

However, her work has that quirky little "British" touch that makes her stand out. Having grown up facing the English coast, she carries within her this cultural mixture which forged her inspirations. Naturally, she spent a lot of time studying English and traveling to the UK at a younger age.

This bi-cultural background fed her personal interests in dance, cinema, philosophy and literature by opening her mind to another way of creating an aesthetic vision.

A graduate of Penninghen (artistic direction) and Gobelins

(photography) in Paris, she never missed an opportunity to travel to London whenever the opportunity presented itself: working for Rankin on his Rankin Live retrospective and studyingcinematography at Central Saint Martin school.


During these formative years, she developed many skills, a comprehensive and relevant approach to fashion photography,

an author's tone, writing and directing.


She has worked for clients such as Lancôme, Eres, Cartier and has been published in magazines such as Schön, Design Scene or Blanc. Recently, her first personal film Early Bird which she wrote and directed was officially nominated at more than 10 festivals worldwide and shortlisted at Club des DA in France.


She is newly represented by Moonwalk-films in France.


Early Bird

12 official selections

8 nominations

2020 - Amsterdam Fashion Film Festival, London Fashion Film Festival 2020, Bokeh Fashion Film Festival 

( South Africa), La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival

( San Diego), Venice shorts Festival ( L.A)International

New-York Film Festival (Best Woman Filmmaker

& Best short-film), Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival

Best short-film), Club des DA, Seattle international fashion film festival ( Best actress & Best production design).


2019 - L.A Cinefashion Film Awards 

(Best cinematography), Paris ASVOFF 11th edition

(Best fashion film), Istanbul Fashion film festival

(Best fashion film)


Opening of Festival Cinémonde, 2019


Lancôme, Eres, Cartier, Le Bon Marché, Kaporal, Publicis 133,

Okan Bijoux, Prodigious Factory, l'Oréal, Herbert frère-soeur, Moore Design, Fauve Paris, Antoinette Poisson 


Fisheye magazine, Duel magazine, 

Schön magazine, Design Scene magazine, Jute

magazine, The Impression, Elle, Flaunt, Photovogue,

Stella mag, Grazia, l'Optimum, Sport&Style, Paulette, 

Doux magazine, Blanc magazine, Stylist, Glamour, 

Madame Figaro, Financial times, Kaltblut magazine


         2011 - Prix "Coup de coeur" du jury Polka/SFR Jeunes Talents                                presided by Françoise Huguier.

2012 - Finalist of Prix Picto 


2004 - SAID - Carroussel du Louvre 

2005 - Diplôme, ESAG Penninghen

2011 - Les Gobelins, Les rencontres d'Arles

2012 - Festival Alain Godon, Palais de l'Europe, Le Touquet

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